5 helpful Facebook communities when you visit Vietnam
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    Oct 24, 2018

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As a foreigner living in a strange country without friends or relatives, you may be feeling homesick and missing your homeland a lot. I have a friend, she is an expat living in Vietnam for three years and used to suffer from homesickness and loneliness for months. So can understand how hard your life might be living in a new country. I think these groups will help you to make many friends, enjoy much fun and live a happier life in Vietnam, especially in Saigon.

  1. Expats & Locals In Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) or Female Expats and Locals in Saigon

Whenever you have a problem, or need to ask for a recommendation such as food and accomodation, join in these groups. Type in your questions and others will answer. The advantage of these groups is that there are not only foreign members but also locals, they will give you the best advice that you would not find on Google.

  1. Foodies in Saigon (HCMC)

Who loves food? Who loves eating good food? Who’s looking for good restaurants? All you need to know about food is here. This is not only for foreigners but also for locals. The advantage of joining the group is that we write reviews about both Vietnamese food and Western food. Sometimes we warn others to avoid bad and unsanitary restaurants. After joining Foodies in Saigon, I don’t have to think about wasting an hour on the street just to look for a decent place to eat.

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  1. Vegetarians & Vegans in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City)

I have met a lot of vegetarians who are travelling through or staying in Saigon who joined a group called Vegetarians & Vegans in Saigon. The group was created in 2013 and has more than 2,500 members. They meet up frequently to share recipes, tips and places to buy organic vegetables and unique ingredients in Saigon. If you are vegans, we think you will love this group a lot.

  1. Interesting Things To Do In HCMC

My expat friend always asks me about interesting activities for special days such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas. But to me and my friend, we sometimes diffe So I advised her to go for the Interesting Things To Do In HCMC group. There you can always find fun things to do every week and even every day.

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  1. [Vietnam Photography Space]

The 2-year-old group has already attracted almost 5,000 members with thousands of photos beinghas been shared. What are they sharing? Moments in their daily life, moments in their vacation trip or sometimes sharing tips on taking good pictures and tips for choosing good cameras. The advantage of this group is that all the photos are not limited to being taken in Vietnam, they have been recorded everywhere round the world. You can share your own hobby and enjoy other’s masterpieces here.

The above groups are all very useful and recommended by AskVietnamese for foreigners who willstay in Saigon. To us, the groups are not only for getting help but also a place to make friends. We hope you enjoy every single moment when travelling or living in Vietnam. Every Vietnamese person is willing to help you any time.

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