Experience the skyview of saigon in Landmark 81 - "with no budget"
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    May 28, 2019

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Landing in Saigon on a clear day, you will find your eyes drawn towards a skyscraper towering above all others as you head to the city center. It is the tallest building in Vietnam, known-as Landmark 81 and it is very accessible. By taking Bus 56 from Ham Nghi bus stop (400m from Ben Thanh Market) you can get to it easily. But getting off at Tan Cang stop and walking 600m, you will surely be overwhelmed by the state-of-the-art construction of the super-tall building.

47326374_1254366321368277_8372774070487351296_o.jpg Credit to Dong Giang

Apart from visiting its vibrant shopping center, Landmark 81 is the perfect place to enjoy panoramic views of Saigon. However, you do need to buy a ticket to reach the Landmark 81 Observatory (spread over the the 79th, 80th and 81st floors) but not everyone can afford the entry price of VND 810,000 per adult.

If you don’t have a budget for a luxurious trip to the top of Saigon’s tallest building, don’t worry as Ask Vietnamese will share a “cheaper” way with you to experience Saigon’s skyview.

  • First of all, remember to dress in smart clothes. Why? Because you are going to visit the most luxurious hotel inside Landmark 81. You can easily find the shopping malls on the ground and basement levels. But don’t expect to find a lift in the shopping mall area which can take you to the top floors. However if you find yourself in that area look for any security guard wearing a blue shirt and ask for directions to Vinpearl Luxury Hotel.

  • At the Vinpearl Luxury Hotel, ask for help to take the lift to the 48th floor. Once there, look for another lift nearby which will take you to the 75th floor where you can relax and enjoy the “rooftop” view of Saigon in the Blank Lounge. This place has views both inside and outside to capture your interest and there is a staircase nearby allowing you to climb to the upper floor. The best time to visit is just before sunset and you can see the city really come alive after dark.

GiangChiTin.jpg Credit to GiangChiTin

The drinks menu in the Blank Lounge is diverse and reasonably priced (compared to menus of other bars in the building):

  • Cocktails, Beer, Wine: ~150,000 - 230,000 VND
  • Water, Coffee or Soft drinks ~ 70,000 - 120,000 VND

anna.jpg Credit to AnnA

The tables are arranged to give a feeling of space, although you may not think so at first glance. It is an ideal venue for couples, friends or just for immersing yourself in the Lounge’s atmosphere. The service is excellent, the staff are friendly and helpful, aiming to give visitors an unforgettable experience. Another plus for the Blank Lounge is that stainless steel straws are provided instead of plastic ones as part of an ongoing environmental protection campaign.

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vietblack (6).jpg Credit to AskVietnamese

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