Explore Cao Lãnh - Most Special things in Cao Lanh
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    Jun 25, 2019

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The Lotus Baby:


'Bé Sen' - Or “Lotus Baby” is much loved by the Dong Thap people. Indeed, we are very fond of the lovely Lotus Baby - our own mascot. You will easily see this Lotus Baby everywhere you go! We mean it - EVERYWHERE. With a big smile on his pink face, Lotus Baby looks strong, fresh and energetic, wearing a green dress made from lotus leaves. The love for Lotus Baby is becoming an obsession in Dong Thap: the locals buy Lotus Baby dolls as gifts for their children or friends. You can easily buy them at: Lotus Specialty Shop: 153, Hung Vuong St., Ward 2, Cao Lanh City ECOLOTUS Souvenir Shop: 40/1 Tran Thi Nhuong St., Cao Lanh City Handy House: 7 Phu Dong St, My Phu Ward, Cao Lanh City Sen Hong Souvenir Shop: 79 Ton Duc Thanh Street, My Phu Ward, Cao Lanh City



Cao Lanh people are definitely proud of their mangoes! Cao Lanh mangoes are known to be one of the best mangoes in Vietnam. Best of everything: aroma, flavor and color. Mind you, its bold sweetness is addictive. If you really want to add an authentic experience to your travels, never miss a chance to try the mangoes in Cao Lanh. The two best kinds of mangoes include:
Cát Chu - shining yellow, aromatic and slightly sour Cát Hòa Lộc - thick, buttery flesh, and "as sweet as sugar". You can easily buy the "Cát Chu" or the "Cát Hoài Lộc" at the Cao Lanh market. The price is very fair.

Lai Vung Fermented Pork Roll:


In the Lai Vung District of the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap, the locals take pride in their Nem chua recipe which brings a distinctive flavor and is registered under a domestic brand name. The fleshy flavor of pork, crispy skin and a bit of spicy pepper and chilli, combine to make the unforgettable taste of the Lai Vung fermented pork roll. Wrapped in banana leaves and formed in stacks of nice green cubes that will catch your eye, many tourists visit Dong Thap and buy a few bunches of Nem Lai Vung as a meaningful gift for their friends and family.

Hoa An Rose Apple: Hoa An Rose Apple has a name associated with the name of Hoa An in Cao Lanh City where many rose apples are grown. Rose apples are not very big and have a light pink color. The sweet sour taste is very different to other kinds of Vietnamese rose apples. You can enjoy Hoa An rose apples by dipping them in chilli salt or sweet fish sauce (for unripe rose apples). In addition, local people process Hoa An rose apples to make plum jam or use the rose apples as a crucial ingredient for a steamed fish dish which is also a speciality that you must try when visiting Cao Lanh.

Go boating:


Boats are one of the main transport systems on the Mekong Delta which is known for its maze of rivers and tributaries. Forget about the big, luxury cruise ships, boats for commuting on the Mekong Delta are much more simple and a lot smaller, so that they can go through the tiny waterways. When visiting Dong Thap, you should take a boat trip and immerse yourself in the delta culture floating through dense jungle and farm fields. But where? About 13 km out from the Cao Lanh City Center, Gao Giong Ecotourism Park offers you a boat trip through the homes of various species of birds. Or you can travel approximately 30 km to Xeo Quyt Relic where you can enjoy a boat trip accompanied by historical stories.

Check-in with lotus:


Lotuses are everywhere in Dong Thap, one of the incredible gifts that nature offers to this land. It is said that the "lotus flower is the most beautiful in Thap Muoi". The Thap Muoi lotus fields are just 40 km away from the Cao Lanh City Center. Here, you can enjoy the peaceful and pure environment and be surrounded by the amazing scene of beautiful lotuses. If you don't have time to go that far, visit the following coffee shops in Cao Lanh City:

  • Miki Coffee Shop: 26 thang 3 St., Ward 1, Cao Lanh City
  • Dam Sen Restaurant: Street No.5, My Phu Ward, Cao Lanh City
  • My Phuoc Thanh Ecotourism Park: 266, Ton Duc Thang St., My Phy Ward, Cao Lanh City

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