How do Vietnamese utilize their motorbikes/bikes?
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    Aug 19, 2018

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Have you ever wondered why 2-wheel vehicles are the most crucial transportation of Vietnamese ? Not only for the simple reason is that it is flexible enough to slip through the tiniest crack, but also for its convenience and high-capacity. Indeed, it’s hard to go anywhere in Vietnam without seeing bikers carrying loads of ridiculous stuffs behind them. So, what can we get from those traditional ways of Vietnamese transporting ? It resembles for a daily reminder that we should not let any obstacles to restrict our vision, just put all of them behind our back and continue moving ahead, no matter how big they are.


Motorbike can carry a lot of things...

2.png a car/truck's capacity


No matter how big or heavy...


No matter what it is...


...Animals or fruits


A motorbike is not only for carrying people

Thanks to Eisen Bernardo's artworks, we'll have chances to enjoy funny moments happening everday in Vietnam. Eisen Bernardo is a Filipino graphic designer based in Hanoi, Vietnam who has great observation to the small little things in Vietnam's capital - Hanoi. His 'Hanoi sOOperbikes illustrations' – a collection of amazing, bizarre, and funny motorbikes in Hanoi, became viral in Vietnam and featured in Zing, Bao Moi, Kehn 14, VnExpress, Gia Dinh Moi, Funu, Sao Star, Barcode Magazine, Song Moi, and

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