How to make Peanut milk? Let's ask Bep Myl
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    Apr 03, 2018

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How to make Peanut milk? Let's ask Bep Myl

Today we come across Bep Myl - a famous Facebook fanpage sharing many great Vietnamese recipes - in order to find an answer for the question: how to make peanut milk? A delicious peanut milk cup will provide a lot of energy for you to study, work… and the process to do this is incredibly simple. AskVietnamese hope you can make a nutrient healthy drink for your family in free time^^.


Peanut milk. Source: Fackebook/Bếp Myl


  • 500gr peanuts
  • A few pandan leaves
  • 200 gr condensed milk or sugar
  • 2.500 ml water
  • Half a cup of salt (to roast peanut)


  1. Pick up bad or rotten peanuts and keep good seeds. Next, add peanuts and half a cup of salt to the pan then roast the mixture until it turns slightly well-brown. Turn off the stove, wait for the peanuts to cool off then peel off. P/s: Using roasted peanuts for making peanut milk will make the liquid more beautiful and aromatic than using non-roasted peanuts


Peanuts are roasted with salt until well-brown. Source: Facebook/Bếp Myl

  1. Put peeled nuts in a high-speed blender then add about 1000 ml water into it. Grind until smooth. You can divide it into small parts to be easier to grind.
  2. After passing the mixture through the filter with small holes, fill it with 1.5 liters of distilled water and stir it well. Then do the process again without adding more water, thoroughly filtered peanut liquid will be smooth.


Peanuts and water blended with high-speed blender. Source: Facebook/Bếp Myl

  1. Put all the liquid in the pot on the stove> While simmer it, drop into the pot a few pandan leaves to strengthen the aroma. Stir pot constantly to avoid the milk being scorched. Cook for about 10 minutes.You can choose to add condensed milk or sugar. It’s up to your personal taste. Cook for 5 more minutes then turn off the stove.


Cook peanuts with pandan leaves to create the aroma for milk. Source: Facebook/Bếp Myl

  1. Wait for the milk to cool down, then put into the bottle to store in the refrigerator and you can drink it gradually. Hot or cold peanut milk is both good to drink.


A glass of peanut milk is good for you everyday. Source: Facebook/Bếp Myl

If you love it and love Vietnamese foods, ASKVIETNAMESE will help you to do with a few simple steps. Now, tell us about your favorite Vietnamese food we will bring a good recipe to help you!!!!

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