Ask Vietnamese - Saigon Map Project 2019
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    Jan 17, 2019

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As the milestone for Ask Vietnamese after 1 year launching, Saigon Map Project is one of our creative solutions to help improve the travel experience for international tourists when traveling to Vietnam.

What do tourists find Saigon Map by Ask Vietnamese useful?

  • The map suggests many local choices for your interest in Vietnamese food, coffee, Saigon attractions, restaurants and many others need your own explore
  • The map provides useful travel tips for your trip to Vietnam such as where to buy the best Banh Mi in Saigon? Or How to cross the street in Vietnam? Or How to avoid rid off by taxi drivers in Vietnam,...
  • Saigon Map has either offline or online version available in website

Saigon Map is now ready to travel with your trip to Vietnam

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From 14th Jan 2019 to 26th Jan 2019, with the participation of 50 Vietnamese students from different universities in Ho Chi Minh City, many tourists around Sai Gon have pleasurably received the very first printed Saigon Map. You might meet some students on the streets these days with the enthusiasm and passion of a little ambassador to deliver Ask Vietnamese's mission of supporting international tourists for free.

In addition, from Saigon Map Project, Ask Vietnamese want to inspire young Vietnamese generation to be confident to introduce Vietnamese culture to tourists. If you are one of the lucky tourists who get the Saigon Map from Ask Vietnamese and find it helpful, please share your thought using #askvietnamese or #askvietnamesemap on social media. This will be a great motivation for Ask Vietnamese Team to keep going on other projects like Saigon Map Project.

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