Six videos make you love Vietnam even more
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    Nov 20, 2018

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1. Nhi Dang

THE OLD WAYS - A Journey to Northwest Vietnam:

Northwest Vietnam is home to many ethnic groups of Vietnam and is cold almost all year round. Due to the fact that coldness is often attached to sadness and loneliness, you will sense this feeling in the video of Nhi Dang. In particular, she used the vintage color as a main theme in every single scene of the video, which strongly increases this mournful sensation.

You’ll see harvest ready fields covered in yellow, dense smoke from the fire, you’ll see aFair full of people selling and buying specialties which hardly can be found anywhere else in Vietnam.thus you can catch a glimpse about the culture of this area. However, you may be impressed most by the kids.

Their sweet and innocent faces seem to be trying to say something, trying to tell a story. Why don’t you visit the region and work out what it is they want to tell you?

2. Flycam 4K

Tam Coc - Rice Season Havert

Tam Coc is one of the amazing attractions in Ninh Binh Province, along with the Trang An scenic complex. Its beauty is due to the fascinating combination of the mysterious caves, the stunning limestone mountains, the gorgeous rice fields and the peaceful waterway of the Ngo Dong River.

Between May and June, this place will be “painted” in a bright yellow color by the harvest paddy fields along both sides of the river as you will see from the short clip made by Flycam 4K. You can also enjoy other videos from Flycam 4K which capture the beauty of Vietnam from “the sky” view just like a bird!!!

3. Amazing Things in Vietnam

Take a look at one of the folk games of the Hmong ethnic minority people of Northwest, Vietnam

If you are a nature-lover, you should put Moc Chau in your must-go places list. Moc Chau is located in the Northwest of Vietnam. Between November and December, Moc Chau is decorated with white cauliflowers blossom. From January to February, you will fall in love with the plum and peach flower blossoms.

Travelling to Moc Chau, the home of the Hmong ethnic minority people, you can explore the Hmong’s unique culture through their customs, traditions and the amusing folk games captured in this video. Why not come and try to play with them?

4. The Hue of Hue

Hue is the ancient capital of Vietnam which has witnessed the ups and downs in Vietnam’s history. The ancient and royal connections are still to be seen in thousands of temples, tombs and ancient houses, and even in the landscape itself. However, Hue also has a modern face with animated markets and colorful festivals.

It is a balanced combination between traditional and contemporary life. And the video portrays clearly this feature of Hue using special techniques in shooting the video and music.

If you look carefully, you will see a woman’s figure almost appearing during the video. This woman represents the fact that Hue is well-known for beautiful and charming maids who can steal your heart with their extremely attractive voices. So, don’t miss the maid and especially the cuisine when visiting in Hue.

5. Nguyen Thien Chi

I had to say “wow” when seeing this video. Although I’m Vienamese, I didn’t know that there is an amazing beauty Vietnam. Normally, we just see people, the roads, the fields so it’s difficult to draw a conclusion about the beauty of the landscape.

But when you see the landscapes in this video filmed by flycam, you will see the big attraction of Southwest of Vietnam – its’ spectacular scenery. The green fields extend endlessly like a beautifully woven patchwork, the flocks of white birds in the sky and the brood of white ducks on the water make the viewers feel tranquil and serene.

The immense rivers with boats sailing up and down – is such a typical feature of Southwest of Vietnam that you can’t miss when visiting Vietnam. It’s the rivers that contribute to the richness of soil and inhabitants’ daily lives of this land.

6. Hachi8

There is a Vietnamese folk-song which goes: “Why are these mountain so high? They cover the sun making it impossible to see the face of my lover.” The mountain plays an integral part in both love and the daily lives of Vietnamese people. Because the mountain is cabbalistic and solemn, they respect and fear the mountain at the same time.

And the mountains in Ninh Binh which are described in the video also bring these features to life. Mountains were like defensible walls against enemies of various feudal dynasties in Vietnam and they did their job well. Through the scenes filmed by Flycam, the mountains, surrounded by the rivers, create a fabulous picture. There is river winding its way across the landscape which filmed from above looks like a heart shape.

And it is the truth due to this fact that thousands of Vietnamese people place their hearts in this ancient land - Ninh Binh.

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