A three-day trip to Da Lat: so what?
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    Feb 12, 2019

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3 days 2 nights, from HCM City to Da Lat by coach, from a plain city to a mountain city, it is a journey that the terrain changes dramatically and interestingly.

How to go there?

You can easily take a coach to travel from HCMC to DaLat with Phuong Trang Express (station at: Mien Dong coach station) or Thanh Buoi Express (station at: 266 - 268 Le Hong Phong street, District 5, HCM )....the sleeper coach ticket is only 180.000 - 250.000 VND. But, don’t forget that if you’re pretty much tall, it’s a bit uncomfortable to lie down in a tiny bed for 8 hours! Or, you can take a flight with only 1,5 hour directly from Tan Son Nhat to Lien Khuong airport (in Duc Trong district), and then take a taxi from there to Da Lat city.
I had a great trip to discover the city that dubbed the flower city. To Ho Chi Minh City through the gateway of Dong Nai, across the Long Thanh - Dau Giay Expressway, passing four more dangerous pass is Chuoi Pass, Bao Loc, Prenn, Mimosa. It was a challenge but also very interesting. Cross the Prenn Pass gives you a specially interesting experience, the roadside scenery very beautiful, with green grass and trees, towering pine trees, the murmuring sound of the pine trees in the wind through the air like an endless song of nature. Far below at the foot of the Pass are the vegetable gardens, lush gardens, the wooden houses nestling under the canopy of pine trees. And Da Lat gradually appeared with the flowers of wild grass, mimosa flowers brilliant, a little cold. Oh no, pretty cold!!! Well, welcome to Da Lat, the dream city, city of love like a miniature Europe in Vietnam.


A Pass in Da Lat. Credit to: Quy Tran

Where to go?

There are so many places to visit. The most outstanding are the classic French architectural works such as Da Lat train station, Pedagogical college of Da Lat, Bao Dai Summer Palace, Dalat Cathedral (Chicken Church Da Lat), Domaine de Marie Church... most of them designed by French architects, materials from France and Viet Nam. Thus, they create their own uniqueness, the harmonious combination of East and West. An impressive point in Dalat is flowers, flowers everywhere and there are many types. From wildflowers to flowering plants, you can visit Da Lat Flower Park to see flowers and take pictures or selfie ... I'm sure, it’s so beautiful!! And you can visit vegetable gardens, flower gardens, strawberry gardens, experience a day working as a farmer, eat in the same house and enjoy the results.


Dalat Cathedral. Credit to: Quy Tran

What to eat?

Food of Da Lat is diverse. You must taste and eat vegetable salad Dalat, as they are very fresh and tasty. Any restaurant in there that have this dish. In the evening, after walking around Xuan Huong Lake, you should visit Da Lat night market to enjoy the street food. Such as watered rice cake, hot soy milk, butter cream, strawberry shake,... if many people go together in the cold air, eat the dishes grilled, take a sip of beer and say cheer (1,2,3... dzô) is so great.


Street food at Da Lat night market. Credit to: NengHetty

How to buy?

To buy souvenir in Dalat, you can go to Da Lat market, at center of city. I often choose wine as a gift for my family, because this wine is quite famous and delicious. In addition, you can choose to buy fruit and vegetable jam here because they are very fresh and cheap. The products made of wool at Da Lat are quite famous, you just spend a few hours walking the Da Lat night market is able to choose for you countless beautiful products, unique, strange.


Center of Da Lat city. Credit to: Quy Tran

What’s else?

On my trip, I happened to meet a foreign friend, He came from England and he is doing a motorcycle tour. He told me about where he came from, the interesting things he experienced in Da Lat. Not like me, his trip was a trip to meet the local people in Dalat, the ethnic minorities and discover culture here is"Cong Chien Tay Nguyen". We are feel excited to talk about the Rượu cần - wine drunk out of a jar through pipes is very popular among the highlanders, especially in Tây Nguyên. The Cultural Space of Gong in the Central Highlands - The gong culture sees gongs as a privileged connection between men and the supernatural. Oh, how excited!!!

Dalat is a special land, the more we explore, the more interesting it will be. Although I have been to Dalat several times, I still want to explore more deeply. In particular, I want to make a trip around Da Lat like him. If you love exploring and want to know more about Da Lat, we can build a team!


Morning in Da Lat. Credit to: Pham Anh Dung

There is much to say about Da Lat, but feel free to join Ask Vietnamese to discover new lands and share interesting stories on your trip. Or simply just ask us a question about Da Lat, we will show you an interesting journey to discover this place.

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