The unique way of drinking tea of Vietnamese
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    Apr 10, 2018

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The unique way of drinking tea of Vietnamese

Drinking fresh tea leaves? Have you ever done it? I mean, not the dried tea leaves but the fresh ones: the green tea leaves for drink. Most people in the world drink tea that has been dried, which is a common way of drinking tea. However, in Vietnam, tea culture is divided into two methods. In the first method, all tea leaves has been dried. They used for drinking in a teapot same as the way drink tea of Chinese or Japanese. There is another way of enjoying tea which belongs to the traditional culture of the Vietnamese tea. It is to drink fresh tea leaves and it is unique!


Image: The unique way of drinking tea of Vietnamese. Credit to Vien Tran

We got a chance to meet and discuss with Ms - Vien Tran to clarify this special way of enjoying. “Tea Lady” – that’s how many Vietnamese people call her. I was very impressed with her clothes: “You dress like an auntie in our village” – we teased her. While making tea for us, she carefully picked up each leaf of green tea. She gave us detailed instruction about each step to use tea leaves and how to enjoy the delicious taste of green tea leaves in a proper way. It is very meticulous and it take a lot of patience. However,it worth !

Ms Vien Tran.jpg

Ms Vien Tran - image source: Facebook of the character

How do Vietnamese drink fresh tea? In Vietnam, people themselves harvest tea leaves. Green tea cut off each leaf, washing canal drain. Leaves are left to separate, the leaves are blanched and then blanched and mixed with each other. Before the tea, add a few drops of salt and season with tea. Give a slice of sliced ginger and boiling water, depending on the preference for dark or light drink the corresponding amount of water. Incubate tea for about 10 minutes and then poured into a glass or bowl to drink. Many people have their own hobby is to put a few drops of Honey in the glass and bowl to drink...... wait until you can drink a cup very fragrant ginger tea. A cup of fresh tea combined with Vietnamese cakes, there is something wonderful, such as “Bánh IN” “Bánh Dẻo” or candy lotus. You will definitely mesmerize to see!


Steps to take a fresh tea. Image source:

How could we experience drinking fresh green tea leaves? You can easily buy fresh green tea leaves in most of supermarkets in VN - Big C, Coopmart for example. However, you would need to boil them with hot water. It's easy! But if you are traveling, it can cause a problem because you need to prepare appropriate teapot and cups. You should have a friend to drink tea together and talk about everything in life and feeling the beauty of the Vietnam cultural tea. Another way to try it is to visit some Tea Shop in Việt Nam. The one we try for this article is "Hương Trà Việt" belongs to Ms Vien Tran in Ho Chi Minh City. She will guide the way to enjoy the fresh tea for you. And you can create and enjoy your own cup of tea by yourself. You just need a teapot, glasses, plastic seats, a space, and you can ask her anything about tea, it will be an open conversation for both to understand about tea culture in Vietnam.


Image: A cup of green tea. Credit to Vien Tran

Now, it is the time for you to have a nice cup of fresh green tea!!

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