Vietnamese songs for your trip? Why not?
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    Mar 12, 2018

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I’m studying in Ho Chi Minh city and every time I come back to my hometown in the central of Vietnam, I take a coach. On my very first trip, along with the long distance, I was very annoyed at the music on the coach. Even if it was late at night and everyone was sleeping, the music still slipped into my ears. The most awkward thing was that those songs were selected following the gout of the driver. They were all songs for older people which are sad, slow - completely different from the one that our young generation often listen to.

Every year I have from four to six journeys by coach and I have to listen to the same songs repeatedly. Now, I’m so used to them that without hearing that music, I feel something is missing. Other passengers feel the same too, when the driver does not turn on the music, definitely they will say something like: "Mr. driver, play the music please” or “turn up the volume a little bit, we cannot hear anything down here”. One time, when I travelled to the Mekong areas with my friend, I also experienced the sweet "ear torture" of the drivers there. They turned on the music all the trip, the main difference was that their songs are related to the Mekong areas - full of rivers and barges which are typical features of that area. The distance from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi is so far so I have not had a chance to know about the coaches which run on this route, so it is not clear what songs the drivers who come from the Southern areas will listen to on their coaches.

Okie, if you intend to visit some specific areas (below) of Vietnam, try to download the songs below to "sip" them and understand a little more about the people in those places!

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