What to buy in Hue City?
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    May 25, 2020

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In Hue, besides exploring the historical sites and experiencing the diverse culinary dishes, you can choose many souvenirs for your friends. Some gifts may include; nem (fermented pork cake), tré (pork shredded skin, pork side, the meat of the pig's head mixed with spice), mắm (fish paste), tôm chua (sour shrimp), kẹo mè xửng (sesame candy), kẹo cau (areca candy), lotus seeds, different kinds of royal biscuits, tea, ...

me xung.png Sesame candy

There are also decorative gifts, beauty products, health care products and you can see: nón lá bài thơ (bài thơ conical hats), lotus conical hats, essential oils, royal powder, ...

non hoa (1).png Conical hat

8.2 Sen Hue (2).jpg Lotus heart tea

8.1 Phan Nu (2).JPG Royal powder

You should also take care whilst travelling so that you don't ruin the souvenirs that you are carrying. We recommend that you tell the seller to have the the products carefully wrapped.

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