What did Gordon Ramsay say about "Bún Riêu"?
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    Mar 19, 2018

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Bún riêu - vermicelli and sour crab soup (English)

Gordon Ramsay - have you ever heard of his name? The world-famous chef and the host of American Master Chef program once said that “Bún Riêu” is one of the most impressive dish when he came to Vietnam.

A bowl of “Bún Riêu” with crab, tomato, shrimp paste, meat, rice vermicelli and a dish of vegetables…is as harmonious as a party of savoury. Cooking “bún riêu” is not an easy work. If you ever meet a Vietnamese girl who knows how to cook a tasty bowl of “bún riêu”, hey, propose her! :)

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