Ba Hoa market: Go there when we feel Saigon is too busy?
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    Apr 29, 2018

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Many people come to Saigon and are attracted by its modernity and dynamism. Saigon is like a strong girl who loves partying all day. It is crowded, noisy and animated. However, sometimes despite being full of enthusiasm anyone can feel tired before the rush to go home; so why not try and visit a peaceful corner in the heart of Saigon? This place is like a rustic and calm girl in the midst of Saigon’s clamour waiting to be acquainted. It's Ba Hoa market.

Ba Hoa market (also known as Ward 11 Market) is located on Tran Mai Ninh Street, Ward 11, Tan Binh District. This market is a place not only for trade, but also for people to gather, especially those who come from Quang Nam, Quang Ngai and people living far away their hometown.

Even the name of the market is very simple: Ba Hoa. A woman whose name Hoa (Flower), loves the lifestyle and cuisine of the Quang area, so she bought a piece of land and built the market. Then she divided it up and rented it out. Therefore, the market was named after her.


Thuẫn cake (Credit to Tram)

Inside you will have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of specialities of the Quang area which probably won’t be found anywhere else in Saigon. These include crispy dry pancakes baked on the spot or thuẫn cakes (made from flour and egg) a pretty yellow color fresh from the oven...

A lot of visitors to Vietnam won’t eat the “national spirit” here: fish sauce - because they don’t like its smell. But be brave and come to Ba Hoa market and experience a variety of emotions which various fish sauce smells bring.

There, you will discover fish sauce has various varieties and flavors: shrimp, mắm nêm (a sauce made of fermented fish), mắm cà pháo (a sauce made of garden egg), mắm tôm chua (a sauce made of fermented shrimps).If you intend to marry a Vietnamese, the first thing you need to do is not to learn our language but to eat fish sauce.

When you visit the market, you can not ignore the famous Quang noodle. The soft noodles are soaked in bouillon, topped with shrimp, meat and quail eggs. Eating Quang noodles accompanied by raw vegetables, dry pancake and chili makes the dish even more delicious.


Buying noodles to make Quang noodle dish (Credit to Tram)

Being someone who was born in and grew up in Quang Nam, every time I miss my hometown, I go to Ba Hoa market to taste a few familiar flavors, and especially to hear the beloved voices of my home province. The interesting thing about the predominant language spoken in Ba Hoa market is that if you are a foreigner who is able to speak Vietnamese easily, you will not understand any of this strange language. Even lots of other Vietnamese also cannot understand what Quang Nam people are saying. The dialect of this place is very unique.

In Ba Hoa market, kind people with happy voices will sell goods to you in a charming way, and they rarely overcharge. So when you feel exhausted by noisy roads and the busy lifestyle in Sai Gon, visit the Ba Hoa market and let your heart become completely peaceful!

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