Where to try "Thịt kho tàu"?
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    Mar 19, 2018

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Thịt kho tàu: Braised pork with duck egg

You might find this dish a bit similar to Ròu yādàn dùn - 肉鸭蛋炖 (Chinese)or Lu Rou Fan (Taiwan)

Thịt kho tàu is one of traditional dish in Vietnam on Tet holiday. My mother wanted me to learn how to cook “thịt kho tàu” because it expresses the reunion of all members in the family. What makes this dish different from other Chinese ways of cooking is that...Vietnamese people use coconut water (juice) as a ‘secret ingredient’ for their recipe (it’s probably no longer secret now). Soft, rich, slightly sweet...simple delicious! Coconut water and pork - an unusual but perfect combination!

Where to try "Thịt kho tàu"?This is an everyday meal for us. You can easily find it in any foodshop/restaurant. When ordering food, say the name: "cơm thịt kho tàu" (rice with braised pork).

  • Illustration: Huynh Kim Lien
  • Copywriting: AskVietnamese

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