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    Jan 02, 2019

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Vietnam cuisine is very rich and diverse. While you can eat a bowl of delicious noodles anywhere today, you can get another one with exactly the same ingredients but in a completely different style and taste in another area tomorrow. But is it extremely challenging to cook Vietnamese dishes? Would you like to cook traditional Vietnamese food to feel its essence and diversity? If you do, AskVietnamese will show you unique recipes from famous Vietnamese bloggers.

1) Dino Vu – Ngòn ngon (means: so good) by Dino


While Dino Vu is young generation living away from home, he is very picky about what he eats. Maybe that the reason why he was determined to learn how to cook. First, he sought cooking recipes on Google and joined a Facebook group relating to cookery. Also he managed to remember some of his Mother’s special recipes which he gradually adapted and improved for his own dishes. With a natural cooking style which is used for simplicity and convenience, sharing Dino’s experience of cooking has always appealed to young people who do not have much time for intensive cooking but want to prepare fast, eye-catching and mouth-watering dishes.

Follow him at: https://www.facebook.com/ngonngonbydino

2) Duy Lam - Bếp của mèo mập (means: the kitchen of fat cat)


Despite exploring the area in Information Technology, Duy Lam is very fond of cooking and has his own cooking style. Because of the love for eating and exploring new dishes, Duy Lam invented simple recipes reflecting the differing tastes from around the regions. You can easily learn how to cook Vietnamese traditional dishes such as caramelized pork with egg, sour fish soup, Chinese sausage, etc which are presented clearly and comprehensibly by him.

Follow him at: https://www.facebook.com/bepcuameomap

3) Phan Anh - Esheep Kitchen


Esheep Kitchen, founded by Phan Anh and associates, is a familiar site for food enthusiasts because people can encounter both tasty and spectacular dishes there. It’s extremely special for Phan Anh to cook and present traditional Vietnamese cuisine with attractive European and American cooking style. Esheep Kitchen inspires people to prepare food such as "Prawn Cocktail", "Pomelo rind sweet dessert", "Banana ice cream", ... which is full of sophistication, humanity and aesthetically pleasing.

Follow her at: https://www.facebook.com/esheepkitchenvn

4) Long Chau - Fitness Nutrition Chef Long Chau


Inspired by the Zen lifestyle and a balanced diet along with passion for cooking, Long Chau always shares the methods to cook delicious food which is good for the health and helps you to keep fit. His cooking instructions mainly focus on how to eat well, naturally and properly. He also encourages an eco-friendly lifestyle by limiting the use of nylon and industrial packaging products and instead advocates planting more trees, and reducing meat consumption which is supported by a considerable number of young people.

Follow him at: https://www.facebook.com/nutritioncheflongchau/

5) Myl Truong – Bếp Myl (means: Kitchen of Myl)


Although Myl is not a professional chef, the main motivation for her to be in the kitchen is her beloved family. Bếp Myl is like a daily cooking diary in which she shares helpful and appealing everyday recipes with tips for everyone. Each dish is always prepared meticulously to suit everyone’s favorite taste and uses healthy ingredients to support the welfare of her husband and parents.

Follow her at: https://www.facebook.com/BepMyl

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